Washington Attorney General's Office

The Office of the Attorney General works under the leadership of Attorney General Rob McKenna, who was elected in 2004 to a four-year term. The Attorney General has a wide range of responsibilities, which are unique to state government. These responsibilities include:


* Serving as legal counsel to more than 230 state agencies, boards and commissions and colleges and universities, as well as to the Legislature and to the Governor;


* Advising and assisting county prosecuting attorneys in the investigation and, if needed, the prosecution of crimes; and


* Issuing legal opinions upon the request only of legislators, the heads of state agencies and county prosecuting attorneys.


The Office also serves the public through its Consumer Protection Division and Public Counsel Section, which represents the public in utility rate cases.


The Washington State Motor Vehicle "Lemon Law" is designed to help new vehicle owners who have substantial continuing problems with warranty repairs. The law allows the owner to request an arbitration hearing through the Attorney General’s Office.


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The following is a list of our various divisions and directions on how to contact our office. Please, when sending information, remember to include a return US Mail address, as well as your e-mail address. Sometimes it is necessary for office to contact you by US Mail, rather than e-mail. We thank you in advance for any comments and suggestions you may have.


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