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Areas of Practice

40% Employment Law (Age, Sex, Race Discrimination, etc.) (Wrongful Discharge, etc.)

20% Criminal Law (DWI, OUI, Theft, Traffic Offenses) (Felonies - Misdemeanors)

20% Personal Injury (Car Accidents,Liability, Slip - Fall, Premises Liability, etc.)

10% Workers' Compensation ( State - Municipal Employees)

10% General Civil Litigation



Howes, Mark W.


West Practice Categories

Administrative Hearings & Adjudication, Consumer Protection,

Contracts, Debtor/Creditor, Lemon Law, Civil Rights,

Age Discrimination, Disability & Illness Discrimination,

Gay & Lesbian Rights, National Origin Discrimination,

Police Misconduct, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination,

Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Affirmative Action,

Discrimination, Search & Seizure Protections,

Construction Contracts, Criminal Fraud, DUI/DWI,

Drug Violations, Federal, Felonies, Grand Jury Proceedings,

Juvenile Crimes, Misdemeanor, Parole & Probation,

Sex Offenses, Traffic Violations, Victims' Rights,

White Collar Crimes, Colleges & Universities,

Private Schools, Public Schools, Tenure,

Affirmative Action -- Employee,

Americans with Disabilities Act -- Employee,

Employee Rights -- Employee,

Employment Contracts -- Employee,

Employment Discrimination -- Employee,

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) -- Employee,

Railroad Worker Injury/FELA, Municipal Employment -- Employee,

Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) -- Employee,

Sexual Harassment -- Employee, Wage & Hour Laws -- Employee,

Whistleblower/Qui Tam,

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act -- Employee,

Wrongful Termination -- Employee, Living Wills,

Powers of Attorney and Appointment, Wills,

Animal Bites -- Plaintiff, Assault & Battery -- Plaintiff,

Defamation & Privacy -- Plaintiff, Motor Vehicle Accidents -- Plaintiff,

Premises Liability -- Plaintiff, Property Damage -- Plaintiff,

Slip and Fall -- Plaintiff, Wrongful Death -- Plaintiff,

Estate Administration, Pharmaceutical Products,

State & Municipal Employees, Workers' Compensation Appeals