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Areas of Practice

Admiralty & Maritime Law

Age Discrimination

Alcoholic Beverages

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Americans with Disabilities Act -- Employee

Americans with Disabilities Act -- Employer

Animal Bites -- Plaintiff

Antitrust & Trade Regulation

Antitrust Law




Assault & Battery -- Plaintiff

Aviation Accidents -- Plaintiff

Bad Faith

Banking & Finance Law

Business & Trade

Chemicals & Cosmetics

Class Actions

Clean Air Practice

Cleanup & Superfund

Closely Held Businesses

Commercial Real Estate

Complex Litigation

Computer Law

Construction Contracts

Construction Law

Construction Liens


Criminal Fraud


Deceptive Trade Practices

Defamation & Privacy -- Plaintiff



Disability & Illness Discrimination

Drug Violations

Elder Law

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) -- Employee

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) -- Employer

Employment Discrimination -- Employee

Employment Law -- Employee

Entertainment Entertainment, Sports & Leisure Law

Environmental Law

Estate Administration


Ethics & Professional Responsibility


Federal Appellate Practice

Federal Trial Practice



Food & Agricultural Products

Foreign Investment


Gay & Lesbian Rights

Grand Jury Proceedings

Hazardous Waste

Health & Health Care Law

Insurance Law

International Antitrust

International Law


Joint Ventures

Jones Act

Juvenile Crimes

Legal Malpractice

Lemon Law

Lending & Secured Transactions

Life & Health Litigation & Appeals

Living Wills

Loan Workouts

Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

Machinery & Tools

Marine Cargo Mediation

Medical Malpractice

Medical Products & Devices

Mini-trials Misdemeanor

Mortgages & Foreclosures

Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Accidents -- Plaintiff

Motor Vehicle Defects

Multidistrict Litigation

National Origin Discrimination

Natural Resources Law

Oil & Gas

Parole & Probation

Personal Injury -- Defense

Personal Injury -- Plaintiff

Pesticides Pharmaceutical Products

Powers of Attorney and Appointment

Premises Liability -- Plaintiff

Private Judging

Probate & Estate Administration

Products Liability Law

Professional Malpractice Law

Professional Responsibility

Property & Casualty

Property Damage -- Plaintiff

Prosecution RICO Act

Race Discrimination

Radiation & Electromagnetic Energy

Railroad Accidents -- Plaintiff

Real Estate Law

Recreational Products

Religious Discrimination


Real Estate Science & Technology Law

Secured Transactions

Securities Law

Sex Discrimination

Sex Offenses

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment -- Employee

Shipping Slip and Fall -- Plaintiff

Solid Waste


State Appellate Practice

State Trial Practice

Title Insurance

Tobacco Tourism,

Travel & Leisure

Toxic Torts

Traffic Violations


US Supreme Court Unfair Competition

Victims' Rights

Water Pollution

Wetlands & Wild Lands

Whistleblower -- Employee

White Collar Crimes

Wills Workers' Compensation Law

Wrongful Death -- Plaintiff



Exnicios, Val P., Of Counsel

Freiberg, Peter N., Partner

Garrison, Eberhard D., Of Counsel

Huddell, Kevin E., Associate

Irpino, Anthony D., Associate

Jones, Gladstone N. III, Partner


West Practice Categories

Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act,

Marine Cargo, Shipping, Alternative Dispute Resolution,

Arbitration, Mediation, Mini-trials, Private Judging,

Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Antitrust Law,

Deceptive Trade Practices, International Antitrust, RICO Act,

Unfair Competition, Banking & Finance Law,

Lending & Secured Transactions, Loan Workouts,

Mortgages & Foreclosures, Contracts, Franchising, Joint Ventures,

Lemon Law, Secured Transactions, Closely Held Businesses,

Age Discrimination, Disability & Illness Discrimination,

Gay & Lesbian Rights, National Origin Discrimination,

Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Sex Discrimination,

Sexual Harassment, Internet, Grand Jury Proceedings,

Construction Law, Construction Contracts, Construction Liens,

Housing & Construction Defects, Criminal Fraud, DUI/DWI,

Drug Violations, Federal, Felonies, Juvenile Crimes,

Misdemeanor, Parole & Probation, Prosecution, Sex Offenses,

Traffic Violations, Victims' Rights, White Collar Crimes,

Employment Law -- Employee,

Americans with Disabilities Act -- Employee,

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) -- Employee,

Employment Discrimination -- Employee, Sexual Harassment -- Employee, Whistleblower/Qui Tam, Americans with Disabilities Act -- Employer,

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) -- Employer,

Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Sports & Leisure Law, Entertainment, Sports,

Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Environmental Law, Clean Air Practice,

Cleanup & Superfund, Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Water Pollution,

Wetlands & Wild Lands, Elder Law, Living Wills,

Powers of Attorney and Appointment, Trusts, Wills,

Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Ethics,

Professional Responsibility, Health & Health Care Law,

Disability, Insurance Law, Bad Faith Insurance, Life & Health,

Motor Vehicle, Property & Casualty, Title Insurance, International Law,

Business & Trade, Foreign Investment, Computer Law,

Litigation & Appeals, Class Actions -- Plaintiff, Complex Litigation,

Federal Appellate Practice, Federal Trial Practice,

Multidistrict Litigation, State Appellate Practice, State Trial Practice,

US Supreme Court, Natural Resources Law, Personal Injury -- Defense,

Personal Injury -- Plaintiff, Animal Bites -- Plaintiff,

Assault & Battery -- Plaintiff, Aviation Accidents -- Plaintiff,

Defamation & Privacy -- Plaintiff, Motor Vehicle Accidents -- Plaintiff,

Premises Liability -- Plaintiff, Property Damage -- Plaintiff,

Railroad Accidents -- Plaintiff, Slip and Fall -- Plaintiff,

Wrongful Death -- Plaintiff, Probate & Estate Administration,

Estate Administration, Products Liability Law, Alcoholic Beverages,

Apparel, Asbestos, Chemicals & Cosmetics, Firearms,

Food & Agricultural Products, Machinery & Tools,

Medical Products & Devices, Motor Vehicle Defects,

Pharmaceutical Products, Recreational Products, Tobacco,

Professional Malpractice Law, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice,

Real Estate Law, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate,

Science & Technology Law, Securities Law, Toxic Torts,

Pesticides, Radiation & Electromagnetic Energy,

Workers' Compensation Law