Georgia Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General is given his authority and obligations by the Georgia Constitution and the Official Code of Georgia. His duties include:

* Serving as the attorney and legal advisor for all state agencies, departments, authorities and the Governor.
* Providing opinions on legal questions concerning the state of Georgia or its agencies, which are binding on all state agencies and departments.
* Representing the state of Georgia in all capital felony appeals before the Supreme Court of Georgia.
* Representing the state of Georgia in all civil cases before any court.
* Representing the state of Georgia in all cases appearing before the Supreme Court of the United States.
* Prosecuting public corruption cases where criminal charges are filed against any person or business for illegal activity when dealing with the state of Georgia.
* Conducting special investigations into questionable activity concerning any state agency or department or a person or business that has done business with the state of Georgia.
* Initiating civil or criminal actions on behalf of the state of Georgia when requested to do so by the Governor.
* Preparing all contracts and agreements regarding any matter in which the state of Georgia is involved.

The Attorney General does not, and indeed by law cannot, provide legal advice to private citizens.


Key Contacts


Thurbert E. Baker
Attorney General
Phone: 404-656-3300
FAX: 404-657-8733


Jeff L. Milsteen
Chief Deputy Attorney General
Phone: 404-656-3347
FAX: 404-657-8733


Isaac Byrd
Deputy Attorney General
Regulated Industries and Professions Division
Phone: 404-656-3383
FAX: 404-651-6341


Dennis R. Dunn
Deputy Attorney General
Government Services & Employment Division
Phone: 404-656-3380
FAX: 404-657-9932


Daniel M. Formby
Deputy Attorney General
Commercial Transactions and Litigation Division
Phone: 404-651-6107
FAX: 404-656-3239


Michael E. Hobbs
Deputy Attorney General
Special Prosecutions
Phone: 404-656-2218
FAX: 404-651-7676


Kathleen M. Pacious
Deputy Attorney General
General Litigation Division
Phone: 404-656-9622
FAX: 404-651-5304


Mary Beth Westmoreland
Deputy Attorney General
Criminal Justice Division
Phone: 404-656-3349
FAX: 404-651-6459


Daryl A. Robinson
Counsel to the Attorney General
Phone: 404-651-6194
FAX: 404-651-7676


Russ Willard
Director of Communications
Phone: 404-463-7540
FAX: 404-651-7676


Ann Bentley
Director of Operations
Phone: 404-651-9452
FAX: 404-651-9325


Joelle Gresham
State Law Librarian
State Law Library
Phone: 404-656-3468
FAX: 404-657-7283


Wanda Rachael
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 404-651-9451
FAX: 404-657-9853