Delaware Lemon Law Statute


§ 50-501 Definitions

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:


(1) "Board" means the Board of Consumer Claims Arbitration for the District of Columbia established by § 50-503.


§ 50-507 Other rights or remedies; limitations on actions

(a) Nothing in this chapter shall in any way limit the rights or remedies which are otherwise available to a consumer under any other law.


(b) Any action brought pursuant to this chapter shall be commenced within 4 years of the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to the consumer.


§ 50-508 Rules and regulations

The Mayor shall issue, and may amend from time to time, rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this chapter.


§ 50-509 Provision for alternative arbitration system

If the arbitration system established pursuant to § 50-503 cannot consistently handle complaints during the 60-day period as required by § 50-503(q)(4), and if the administration of the arbitration system results in expenditures beyond the sums budgeted annually for the program, the Mayor may certify an alternative arbitration system that complies with this chapter and rules issued to implement this chapter.


§ 50-510 Suspension of enforcement

Notwithstanding any other provision of District law, enforcement of this chapter by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is suspended until October 1, 2000.