Alabama Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General's main office is in the Alabama State House, located directly behind the State Capitol in Montgomery. This building is also the home of the State Legislature. The Attorney General's suite is on the 3rd floor.


The address is:

Office of the Attorney General

Alabama State House

11 South Union Street, Third Floor Montgomery, AL 36130


Main Office Telephone: 334-242-7300


Consumer Affairs Division:1-800-392-5658


Office of Victim Assistance: 1-800-626-7676


Family Protection Unit: 1-800-230-9485


Workers Comp Fraud: 1-800-923-2533


Administrative Hearings Division: 334-242-7433


Capital Litigation Division: 334-242-7408


Constitutional Defense Division: 334-242-7300


Consumer Affairs: 334-242-7335


Criminal Appeals Division: 334-242-7386


Environmental Division: 334-242-4260


General Civil & Administrative Law Division: 334-242-7300


Investigations: 334-242-7345


Legislative Affairs: 334-242-7351


Medicaid Fraud Division: 334-353-8793


Opinions Division: 334-242-7403


Public Corruption & White Collar Crime: 334-353-8494


Public Information: 334-242-7300


Violent Crimes Division: 334-242-7407


To obtain an attorney or legal aid referral, you may contact the Alabama State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at or by calling 1-800-392-5660.


What does the Attorney General do?

The Attorney General is a constitutional officer whose duties and powers are set out in Title 36, Chapter 15, of the Code of Alabama (1975). As the State's attorney, he provides legal representation for the State of Alabama, its officers, departments, and agencies.


The Attorney General defends the State in all lawsuits in which the State is named as a defendant. He represents the State in all court proceedings wherein the constitutionality of a state statute is challenged.


In addition to defending the State, the Attorney General may initiate court action, both civil and criminal, to protect the State's interests or to enforce State law.


The Attorney General represents the State in all criminal actions in the appellate courts of the State of Alabama and in habeas corpus proceedings in the federal courts.


He has the authority to superintend and direct the prosecution of any state criminal case. The Attorney General issues legal advice in the form of formal or informal written opinions to authorized public officials and agencies.